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February 18, 2014

LF Sweatpants | Story Behind the Style

Sarah Mac

1. A muse. The inspiration for the LF Sweatpants was, of course, Lauren Fleshman. A strong woman, always dancing between her big dreams and life. When you're working out 3 times a day, you end up in active apparel in between, but that should not mean feeling schlumpy.


2. A meeting with the muse. Lauren choose her favorite fabric and had two requests: a lightweight sweatpant with no 'fuzzies' that hung beautifully.


3. A prototype. The first glance of the lightweight sweatpant in real life. 


4. A designer's eye. Katron (Katie Dazell) has a Fashion Week dream.


5. A (last minute) runway redesign. Over 24 hours of handpainting by Katron, countless coffees, no sleep and ...


6. A runway stunner. Fast K8 (Kate Grace) a rising track star, sub 2:00 800m runner, struts the freshly painted LF Sweatpants down the runway in New York on a September morning.


7. A final redesign sent to factories (no Katie didn't handpaint each of the LF Sweatpants, thank goodness) and the final product launches on on February 18, 2014.



8. A happy muse. Lauren Fleshman takes her LF Sweatpants for a test swing on a sunny Sunday.