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The Flock
May 29, 2013

Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy

When Fleshman joined the nest on Jan 1st, we knew we wanted mix it UP! We wanted to turn the athlete-sponsor relationship upside down, sideways, and shake out the change. We saw the power of Fleshman Nation, and for whatever reason, she saw something in us. And so it, product collaboration, business strategy, marketing send-ups, and PickyBars shenanigans (who doesn't want to hang with the PickyBars crew?! They have too much fun!) We started to create a new path and a new kind of partnership.

Best of all, Fleshman had already created an amazing community. A group of interesting, articulate, run-crazy super fans that we both admired (and felt a part of). We wanted to celebrate that community...and the ongoing conversation she has with almost every commenter, fan, follower. For example, in the ALF post that announced our partnership, this comment caught our eye:


Well, suffice it to say that we never turn down a good t-shirt idea. And so without further adieu...Jonny fan, whoever you might be...this one's for you (please contact us for your FREE men's tee as a thank you). And it's for every fan-man, -woman and -child who Fleshman inspires. Thanks LF! Knowingly or not, thanks for letting us all be your homeboy!





Jocelyn | May 30, 2013 at 7:03am


Aack! Sadness strikes again! I am so bummed for the second time in the past week, that tee's that I love don't come in my size! Please stop dissing your faithful XL oiselle wearers! I am starting to get a complex that I am "too big" for oiselle, and maybe we were not meant for each other after all!!! I suppose I could order a men's in the LF, but I REALLY wanted the new logo tee as well...I love love love the heather black... Sigh. I still love you, though

Lauren | May 30, 2013 at 9:57am

Don't worry Jocelyn!

Hey Jocelyn, I promise we're not dissing you! We love our birdies of all sizes! This is a very limited size run, and we're planning to print more in all sizes in the future! Lauren at Oiselle

Jocelyn | May 30, 2013 at 10:02am

Thanks again, Lauren!

Ah, got my complaint (again!). I know...I get small business (that's part of why I love you guys so much!)...but bummer for me!! Have a great day!