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March 24, 2016

Keep an Eye Out: Straight Scoop Reviews!

Back when Oiselle was wee, and it was just me and That Sarah Mac dreaming of our product on a bigger stage, the blogger-as-reviewer trend was hot. "They're the influencers that tell people what to buy" we heard and said. For the most part, that seemed like sound thinking. After all, as buyers of things, we want to know what the aficionados are buying. What's new, next, and best?! And so we joined in, and sent Oiselle samples off to influential bloggers for reviews. Some got traction. Some didn't. But at the same time, I had this lingering worry and dislike of the format. I mean, if we're giving the person free stuff, then how are they unbiased? When I asked this, most brand marketers were like "duh, that's the point." But I never liked it. As a designer and product person, I wanted honest feedback. I wanted to know how they really felt. (Not to say I'm yearning for a negative review. But still. No one likes to feel like they're being told what they want to hear). No yes men. No yes women!

As Oiselle grew, we found we no longer had to go looking for reviewers. We had a steady stream of bloggers contacting us. The pitch tends to go something like this: "My name is so and so and I have such and such number of followers and my website gets this many monthly visitors and so can you please send me some free gear?" After a while, it was like, um, okay... We did it for a while, then I think others started to have that nagging feeling too: why would I believe your review of a product you got for free?

So we started talking to blogger friends about more "truth in reviewing." One of my favorite all time review blogs was from Sarah Once Upon a Lime from 2012. The original Roga Shorts...all straight scoop


Fast forward to 2016. I believe in bloggers. I believe in our product. And I believe in honest blogger review of product. Ideally, bloggers are buying Oiselle and letting their audience know what they think. But if we give product away for free, I want that to be known. Call it a Straight Scoop Review!

With the launch of Spring 16, we're happy to announce that we've gifted some product to teammates who we think do a great job on social. A non-exclusive short list, of course. 


Review: Hi Line Bra

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: “A Special Oiselle Wednesday

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: Izumo Long Sleeve
Review: New Verrazano Shimmel

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: Voltage Long Sleeve

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: Izumo Long Sleeve

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: New Gifted Verrazano Bra, Holepunch Lux Sweatshirt

instagram_1.jpg blog-icon.jpg twitter-g_0_0.jpg


Review: "Straight Scoop - Oiselle Spring 16"

instagram_1.jpg  twitter-g_0_0.jpg


For each review we've asked these birds to be transparent that they received the styles from us. We will update links here as new reviews come through!

Thank you team. Your love, and your occasional kick in the pants, keeps us going! 



Sandra jarrard | March 24, 2016 at 4:38pm

All your clothes is made for

All your clothes is made for tall white women

Rachel | March 24, 2016 at 4:44pm

While I appreciate that these

While I appreciate that these bloggers agree to be transparent, as a consumer, I find reviews on product pages to be way more useful than reviews from bloggers who get free stuff. I find that gear I'm interested in buying on the Oiselle site often has few if any reviews. My two cents is to add dates to product page reviews (so we know whether a review corresponds with a new season's release of a core item), to add options for customers to add photos, and to try to encourage more reviews!

jacquelyn scofield | March 28, 2016 at 12:28pm


Hi Sandra, We are sorry you feel that way but appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. As you can see above, many diverse women test and wear our product and find styles they love. If you'd like guidance on styles that may work for you, please email at hello(@)oiselle(dot)com.

jacquelyn scofield | March 28, 2016 at 12:31pm


Hi Rachael, thank you for your recommendation and for your thoughts on this. We always encourage customers to write reviews, and will hopefully start seeing more with our new site changes! We appreciate your feedback as always.

Molly | March 30, 2016 at 8:12am


I'm looking forward to some supportive bras for those of us who are larger than a C cup!! I've been a runner, and a 34D bra size, since high school and finding a supportive, non-bulky, CUTE sports bra that I can wear BY ITSELF has been one of my biggest challenges. Anyone who's had to double-up on sports bras knows what I mean... it's just not fair!! I know you have newly-released "gifted" bras, but they specify they're best for A-C cups! Where's the love for us D+ ladies?!