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June 14, 2019

Kara Takes Leadville Marathon!

When Kara came to visit us back in March for her Kara Collection photoshoot, we couldn’t help but immediately shower her with questions about her transition to the trails and her upcoming Leadville Marathon. Gathered around our long conference table we listened to Kara talk about her new trail running mentors who guided her through long runs and up gnarly climbs, and about the freedom she felt in no longer depending on a watch to tell her how successful her workout was.

We laughed, a ton… because Kara Goucher, well, she’s hilarious. A mix of quick-wit, sass, and contagious joy, she disclosed that she never understood the hype of running clothes with pockets until her long runs became hours spent in the middle of nowhere. She painted a pretty humorous picture of her first steep downhill trail that involved patches of ice and her using a branch to anchor herself down. Basically, we left that table wishing everyone got to see this side of Kara – radiating a sense of freedom and excitement that only comes from trying something completely new. Kara unchained! 

Kara, we wish you the best of luck as you take on your longest (according to the clock) and highest race yet! And we can't wait for your race recap - crossing our fingers for no mountain lion stories. 

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