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September 11, 2019

Introducing Jenna Fesemyer


We are thrilled to announce Oiselle's partnership with wheelchair racer and Paralympic hopeful, Jenna Fesemyer. Jenna hails from the push-rim racing hub of Champaign–Urbana, IL, where she trains with an incredible group of athletes. Look for Jenna this fall: her fast and furious racing schedule includes the Chicago marathon, NYC marathon, and more! Jenna is a triplet, grew up on a farm with miniature donkeys, and is finishing her degree in kinesiology.

Welcome, Jenna! We can't wait to fly with you! 



Hi friends!

I am so happy to be joining the flock. My name is Jenna (some call me Fez), and I am Oiselle’s first wheelchair athlete in Haute Volée! A little bit about wheelchair racing: wheelchair racing is my way of “running,” or in this context, “flying.” If you’ve never seen a racing wheelchair, it has three wheels and we propel it using a pair of 3Dprinted gloves. Wheelchair racers can go pretty fast, averaging 15-20mph on the road and clocking up to 40mph going downhill!

How does wheelchair racing connect with Oiselle? Great question! My vision of running so beautifully parallel’s with Oiselle’s: to inspire movement, connection, therapy, fresh air, vistas, and self-awareness. Sure, my runs look a little different, but the feeling of flight feels all the same. Running has given me an opportunity to celebrate life through sport. Through running, I have found my catalyst to life and my oasis. And with Oiselle, we strive to increase the awareness of disability and sport, as we propel ourselves to a vision that recognizes the togetherness that running promotes…even if we look a little different while doing it! I hope to catch you out on the road or track! Wheels or running shoes, let’s run together to celebrate life through sport!

Happy flying!


Get in Here, We Love You


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