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October 27, 2017

Canadian Cross-Country, Eh!?

For anyone who is right out of college cross country it’s natural to have the occasional thought, “what if I still had eligibility left?” Now, what if you had that thought at age 35? Well, Sasha Gollish is here to tell us that not only did that thought cross her mind, but she does in fact have eligibility left.

Here’s to hitting the cross country course for one more collegiate season!

sashacrosscountry1.jpgSasha racing for University of Toronto in 2001.

It’s conference week for cross-country. If you're a FloTrack fan, you’ve seen their predictions as to who they think will come out on top in the NCAA... and regionals is just around the corner! In Canada, it's regional cross-country championship time and this bird is lacing up her spikes to join her university team. Confused? We were to. Sasha breaks it down for us! 


Along with being a semi pro-runner I am a PhD Candidate in the Engineering Education Program in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Toronto. As I enter the final stretch of my PhD the coaches looked into it and it turns out I still have a year of eligibility left! Who knew?!



The Canadian Differences

In Canada, we do things a little bit differently. Our alphabet starts with the letter ‘eh,’ we drink a lot of maple syrup, and we go to Universities not Colleges! 

We also have different rules when it comes to athletics in Canada. For one thing, you can be a sponsored athlete and compete in the collegiate system. You can also compete at any age so at the ripe age of 35 I am joining my university team for some cross-country fun. 


35 going on 18! (I’ve got the zit in the middle of my forehead to prove it). This weekend I am not going to line up in my O crop and buns. At 11:00am EST on Saturday I’m lining up with my friends, my teammates, my peers to have a sh*t ton of fun in the University of Toronto Blue and White. #BleedBlue

Happy post-season!


Get in Here, We Love You


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