August 06, 2014

Every Mile, Every Mother Film Screening - Event Recap

Jacquelyn Komen

Last night we were honored to host the film screening of a new documentary directed by Christy Turlington Burns with Every Mother Counts: Every Mile, Every Mother. The film follows the 200 mile Hood to Coast journey of 12 Oiselle/EMC runners, capturing long distance as a metaphor for birth. Thank you to Christy Turlington, Erin Thornton and Alex Newbold of Team EMC for making last night truly special. We captured the day in a few photos - and enjoy a sneak preview of the film!

July 07, 2014

Introducing The Oiselle Flock

Sally Bergesen

When I started Oiselle in 2007, the idea of team was already in my blood. I had run with a Seattle club for almost 10 years, so I was genuinely hooked on the sisterhood of sport. With Oiselle, we knew we had to start small. In 2009, the team consisted of myself and two friends. Soon after, in early 2010, we expanded, looking for local racers who competed a lot, were awesome women, and who would help us create good juju in the community. This usually involved me approaching women I admired with awkward pick up lines, “so….I noticed you like to run…” Flattering? Creepy? Maybe both! ...