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March 11, 2016

Powerful Women, Powerful Messages


When Lauren Fleshman asked us to come to the Muse Conference because she, Sally, and Kristen Kirkland from EMC were going to be on a panel, we weren’t sure what to expect. Lauren had been raving about last year’s conference. David (who shared his takeaways in Muse-ing on Superhoes), Heather, and I road-tripped down together with different mind-sets. The kick-off was a ceremonial “Jingle Dance” by Umatilla ceremonial dancer, Acosia Elk, followed by 19 interviews and panels that lasted the entire day. It was tightly-packed and emotional. Here are some more moments that stuck, here to inspire.

March 07, 2016

Muse-ing on Super Heroes

I have the unfair privilege of working with superheroes—yes, the tight-wearing variety. They rock at their jobs, kick the road’s ass for miles, and fuel an uprising of powerful women runners who challenge their sport and their worlds. Aside from that, they sponsor other heroes. I suppose we could call them super-mega-heroes, who do this on the national and global levels. One of them is Lauren Fleshman. She has a magnetic presence that probably concerns NASA.