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April 19, 2015

Birds in Boston! Meet the Racers

Kristin Metcalf

Updated 4/20 with full results. Congrats racers!

Excitement and energy has been building all week for Boston Marathon Monday. On Thursday we were extremely honored to announce our newest team member, Sarah Attar who will be racing the marathon as well. Saturday we had a handful of women take the streets of Boston in the BAA 5k. This year is by the far the largest group of birds gathered to race the marathon for us: 15 states represented and 33 women total! At the front of our flock will be Haute Volée runner Andrea Duke. Seattle area fans will be gathering together on Monday morning in a local coffee shop close to the Nest to watch the coverage and follow our athletes (RSVP details below!). We are so proud of everyone who has been working hard over the winter and spring to prepare for their races. Have fun out there! Boston Strong!

Christina Dicker - Goal time: sub 4:00. Her first time racing Boston. (final 3:47:17)
Michelle Chang - Goal time: 3:30 (final 3:32:27)
Emily Stone - Goal time: 3:30 (final 3:29:30)
Robin Kutner - Goal: a solid injury-comeback marathon and fun first Boston. (final 3:23:40)
Jenny Hitchings - Goal: 2:55 and an age group win. (final: 2:52:51)
Sara Randolph - Goal time: 3:15. Just completed a half-ironman last Saturday! (final 3:17:46)
Jody Stoops - (final 3:39:00 - PR!)


Julia Bez at her tune up race to Boston, the NYC Half Marathon. Bonus: she PR'd!

Natty Plunkett - Goal: 3:05-3:10 (final 3:07:27)

Aubrey Jing Faber (3:53:06)
Julia Bezgin (final 3:14:47)
Chloe Lasseron (final 3:20:11)
Stephanie Viloria (final 3:40:04)
Amanda Scheer - Goal: enjoy each mile and run my legs off! (final 3:15:49)
Jenny Donnelly - Goal: 3:05 - 3:10 (final 3:14:18)


Mom + daughter duo: Jennifer Donnelly and Judi Donnelly. Both raced last year and they're gunning for another solid race again this year.

Mary Winchester - Goal time: 3:55 (final 4:16:35)
Carolyn Huang - Goal time: 3:30 (final 3:32:18)

Brooke Meadows - Goal time: 4:00 (final 3:41:02)

Barclay Cunningham - Overcoming injury, may be cheering on Monday! 
Katharine Reilly - Goal time: 3:15 (final 3:14:38)


Left: Sara Bradley at her recent tune up race, the Eastern States 20 Miler. Right: Jennifer De Hueck from last year at Boston, her second marathon and first at Boston! She's hoping to go sub-3 this year.

Jennifer de Hueck - Goal time: sub 3:00 (final 2:51:52)

Randi Burnett 
Andrea Duke - (final 2:58:55)

Bret Scofield - Goal: party time! Not sure on goal time. (final 3:10:28)

Mary Johnson - (final 3:08:47)


Remember that East Coast winter that seemed unsurvivable? Julia Bez and Amanda Scheer made it through! 

Jen Major - Goal time: 3:20 (final 3:24:45)
Jennifer Favre - Goal time: 3:30 (final 3:28:28)

Kristin Bold - Goal time: 4:30. First Boston and charity runner for Travis Roy Foundation. (final 4:25:46)
Lindsey Finnegan 

Rachelle Kuramoto - Goal time: 3:20 - 3:25 (final 3:20:18)


Stephanie Ridgway from the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago and Brooke Meadows at her tune-up to Boston, the Little Miami 10 Miler in Ohio.

Stephanie Ridgway - Goal time: 3:07 (final 3:23:34)


Mary Johnson after Boston 2014 and Robyn Kutner. 

Sara Bradley - Goal time: 3:40. (final 3:33:07)

Sheri Dion 
Judi Donnelly (final 4:06:19) 
Claire Wallace - Goal time: 3:19 (final 3:16:37)
Stacey Hedman - Goal time: 4:00 (final 4:31:25)

If you would like to join us in Seattle at Fix Coffeehouse this Monday at 6:00am to watch Boston coverage, RSVP + find out more here!



Stacey | April 19, 2015 at 1:54pm

thank you!!!!

I love you guys for getting up early in the morning to cheer from Seattle! Thank you for all of your incredible support, and it was so fun to see The Macs at the expo this weekend! XO

Sarah Overpeck | April 22, 2015 at 10:38am

Way to go, birds!

Based on these results, I saw either Jenny Hitchings or Jennifer de Hueck sometime in the second half of the race, and her cheery support helped me find my strength in the last 5 miles to bring home a 2:56:02. Thank you, sister bird! Super proud of all these flockmates on a tough Marathon Monday!!