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Sarah Mac


Mac was raised by runners. She didn’t realize until later in life that not every 7-year-old was spending part of Sunday in the family minivan measuring their parent’s long run loop or dropping off Gatorade behind mailboxes.

If running is a relationship, hers has been the story of ‘I just can’t quit you’. Right now she’s training for marathons after years of swearing them off. Thanks, in most part, to the Oiselle tribe she’s chasing the distant dream of the Olympic  Marathon Trials B standard (under 2:43).

Mac found her way to the Oiselle family by way of Twitter in 2010. She's loving every minute with this gang. She'll be blogging about style, running, embarrasing poop stories, racing, eating... the whole mess.

Track or road? Dirt road
Long run or 800s? Long run
5k or marathon? Marathon
Chips or chocolate? Chips
NY or LA? NY
Winter or summer? Summer! The hotter the better.
Dog or cat? Judged on a case by case basis
Ocean or mountains? Ocean
Plugged in or unplugged? Plugged in