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Sarah Lime


Evolving Fangirl

You may recognize Sarah from her popular running blog Sarah Once Upon a Lime. Sarah (or as we know her, Lime) started running after retiring from college softball. It feeds her competitive drive and is a lot more fun than joining the droves of fit-seekers at the gym.

She was reborn as the ultimate (albeit newbie) running fangirl at the 2012 Olympic Trials and now she  is your woman on the ground, reporting on the ins and outs of the professional running world through the eyes of a new fan. She’s asking all the questions because there is no such thing as a stupid one. Follow along and embrace your inner runner fangirl.  

Sarah Fire-Round
Track or road? Track
Long run or 800s? A million 800s
5k or marathon? Any distance involving a van and a slap bracelet (relay)
Chips or chocolate? Chocolate covered chips
NY or LA? LA
Winter or summer? Summer
Dog or cat? Dog
Ocean or mountains? Mountains
Plugged in or unplugged? Half-plug