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Dr Lesko

Corp Dev Shenanigans

She may be best known on the Oiselle blog as the woman behind ‘The Dozen’ a 12 move core routine that leaves you limp on the floor after that laaaast shaky pushup. Don’t know it? Go check it out. It leaves no core muscle behind.

But beyond kicking our core, Lesko is know around these parts as master of shenanigans. She dreams up the big fun for Oiselle. She is a constant jolt of positive energy. She is a FAST master’s runner, mama of three, wife of one, NYFW runway model and diamond league nanny. She is the booty we chase in track workouts. And, as a family doctor, she is the lucky person we text photos of our weird medical concerns.  She is also certified in Graston, so she beats us up on a regular basis.

Lesko will be blogging about what she knows best: running, racing and all the extra work that keeps our bodies cranking strong and healthy.

Lesko Fire-Round
Track or road? Track
Long run or 800s? 800s
5k or marathon? 5k
Chips or chocolate? Chocolate
NY or LA? neither: Bend!
Winter or summer? Winter
Dog or cat? Ugh neither. Chickens?
Ocean or mountains? Mountains
Plugged in or unplugged? Unplugged