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August 20, 2019

Mountain Bike Racing is for Every Woman

Have you ever paid attention at your local 5k to see how many males to females there were? Chances are, it was a pretty even count and it didn’t even cross your mind. If the ratio was 81% male to 19% female, you definitely would have noticed. This is the average percentage for most of the mountain bike races I have participated in around Utah. 19% female. And even that is considered a good turnout.  

August 16, 2019

#AskBrenda on Shopping 101

Clothes should inspire freedom, comfort and confidence. Confidence. It lives within us in various forms. With that said, It’s important to know thyself. Knowing and embracing certain things about ourselves vs trying to change them goes a long way when it comes to finding said confidence. So let’s talk comfort and confidence. I feel like those two characteristics go hand in hand. Here are three super easy beginner tips to get the most out of your next shopping adventure.