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May 30, 2019

Roga Swim: The Story Behind the Style

They say the best of innovation comes from cross-pollination — and we have often found this to be true, as we always seek to renew and improve the art of running apparel. One of our biggest steps forward was incorporating a fabric that we originally spotted in a board short, in the swim + surf world, into a pair of running shorts. And so the Roga was born.

May 29, 2019

Introducing #AskBrenda, Because Everyone Needs a #Flystylist

You know my friend, Brenda. 

Or, if you follow Oiselle, have been to our Flagship Store, joined our Thursday Night Run, or have been to Big Birdcamp, you know Brenda. A one-woman force of nature, Brenda brings the women together like no other. Quick-witted, refreshingly opinionated, and prone to celebrations that serve world class baked goods, she invites the world, and sets the tone: no matter your pace or background, you belong here.