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February 06, 2019

National Girls and Women in Sports Day


At Oiselle, we feel like every day is Girls and Women in Sports Day! We live it, we breathe it, wear it, and we get outside and run it. We also know that too many women and girls don’t have the access or the freedom to participate in sports. And that for many, the path from girl to woman in sports is rocky. And that motivates us to just. keep. going. 

February 05, 2019

Diverse We Run

It’s a scary feeling, speaking up and asking for equity in representation. There’s a fear of being told, “you don’t matter,” or worse, that “you don’t matter enough to make a difference.”  Well, last April, I did a scary thing: I messaged a popular running podcast to ask if they would consider featuring a more diverse cast of runners — or, in other words, feature more runners who were persons of color.