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February 20, 2019

Be That Person: The Franklins 200

I’ve had the same dream every night since completing The Franklins, a 200-mile individual footrace directed by Trail Racing Over Texas that took place February 6-10that Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso. In my dream it is night, and I am hiking an endless, steeply-inclined mountain of red-hued talus and scree. My headlamp illuminates the never-ending stretch of trail four feet at a time. The hollow scrape of rock against rock and the scream of 50-mph wind gusts compete for my attention. Even in my dream I can feel the throbbing pain in my right IT band. Every night for the past six nights I have had this dream, and every night for the past six nights I wake in a pool of sweat.

Every morning I wish I were still out there. Every morning I tell myself I would do it again.