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September 27, 2018

A Little Wing v 2.0: Thoughts from Coach Lauren Fleshman

I started coaching five years ago, capable but not yet confident. Having trained under some of the best coaches in the world, (and paying close attention), I was ready to take the creative reins in coaching myself. But I needed quite a bit of life coaching from Bob and Sarah Lesko before taking the leap into coaching other professional athletes. Lots of late night chats in our respective living rooms is how Project Little Wing was born. So much has happened in these five years. I've had the privilege of coaching incredible women, who were my teachers as much as I was theirs. 

September 26, 2018

New Oiselle Sports Bras - the Overview!

Through our sports bra donation program, Bras for Girls, we tell middle school girls…”A sports bra is just a tool in your toolbox. When you need one, get one. And keep going." Keep moving and jumping, running and rolling, climbing and reaching.

This season’s assortment adds more tools to the toolbox, with new options for style, comfort, performance. And without giving too much away, we have a secret style we’ll debut in Spring 2019 for the ladies of the larger cup sizes. Good things ahead!