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August 07, 2018

Birds take Toronto!


We are so thrilled for our six Oiselle competitors representing at NACAC’s in Toronto next weekend! What is NACAC’s (other than a mouthful of an acronym)? The 2018 North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships, is being held in Toronto for the third time. 31 nations compete for championship bragging rights! Get to know our 6 fierce flyers below, and get ready to cheer them on!

August 04, 2018

Seven Days of Saturday

A little Saturday goes a long way! Especially our new color, Saturday. A big, bold, unapologetic neon pink, Saturday is as bright and happy as its namesake. From sleeping in, to playing outside, to staying up late…it’s the day of the week with the most potential. (Apologies to those who work non-traditional schedules; we’ll create a really cool color for Monday at some point…). Once Saturday has grabbed your attention (and grab it will), your next thought might be - how to does this color play well with others? Well, like the question “where does an 800 lb gorilla sit?” The answer is “Wherever it likes.” So it is with Saturday.