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August 21, 2018

Why a Distance Runner is Tuning into the WNBA Playoffs

The truth is basketball was my first love far before running. I grew up spending every weekend at tournaments, summers at basketball camps, and evenings in the backyard doing ball handling drills between cones. It taught me to be gritty and tough, and it taught me to foster my passion. All of which is has helped me succeed as a runner.

And a few months back when I was scrolling through twitter I kept seeing the WNBA pay gap debate pop-up. Tweets from professionals taking a stand and saying the deserve higher pay being contested by thousands of internet critics.

August 20, 2018

Bras for Girls at Campowerment!

Recently, Bras for Girls had the opportunity to participate in Campowerment, a three-day camp for 12-14 girls sponsored by FitGirl, Inc. Campowerment offers the opportunity for girls to "become empowered to live healthy, empowering, mindful lives." Over the three days, the girls ride bikes, go paddleboarding, experience sunrise yoga, horseback riding, and also hear from various female leaders from around the great Nebraska area. One of the more popular speaker series is called "Bullied to Boss" and invites women to talk about their experiences with bullying and how they overcame it.