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July 05, 2018

A Tale of Two Mascots

Meet Jess Crawford, and Sarah Rapp, both avid runners, and both professional mascots. That’s right, we know not just one, but two women with professional mascot experience.

Of course everyone wants the inside scoop, but they can’t disclose all of the nitty gritty details of their mascot identity (where would the fun in that be?) However, they can reveal experiences and life lessons only a true mascot would understand. 

July 02, 2018

Going Forth Into Motherhood... With Triplets

I am sitting on a stool in a small darkened room holding Steph's hand who is lying on the exam table sobbing. Big, gasping sobs punctuated every few seconds by a choice curse word. I'm gripping her hand so hard my knuckles are white. I am speechless and keep looking back and forth between Steph and our ultrasound nurse who delivered the news. Triplets.