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July 10, 2018

How to Warmup in Tight Quarters

Got a road race coming up? Ever feel claustrophobic and bored, or anxious in the starting corral? Want to feel better for more of the race and not waste the first mile or two feeling stiff and creaky? I made this little 4 min routine to warm the body up while stuck in a crowded place. It’s adapted from the same exercises I used as a Pro runner, and the ones I coach Littlewing to use, inspired things I learned from Coach Jim Radcliffe.

July 06, 2018

One Big Smile and a Breakthrough Race

In middle school I used to make my team flex their muscles, make mean faces and give a resounding “GRRR” on the starting line in an attempt to make us feel strong and confident. That habit has died (thankfully) but the idea has remained the same throughout the years – be strong and confident. It is certainly easier to have that mindset when you have been killing every workout or are a top seed going into a race. But those times when the workouts haven’t been going my way or I may be seeded mid to back of pack, are the times when I need that mantra even more. During those times in particular, I like to focus on putting myself in the mix and just giving myself a chance. Since running post collegiately, my coach and I have been talking about that a lot. We discuss giving myself a shot during the race and having a little confidence. I have worked on that for the last two years and I think it was finally on full display at the USA meet in Des Moines this summer.