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July 17, 2018

Hey Birds…New Season, New Styles - My Rundown

Hey Birds…We’ve been busy. Busy, busy run- and design-loving birds. And lo and behold, we’ve got a whole bunch of new goodness for you. And hold my LaCroix, this is just the start of what we're calling our Fall 18 layer cake. First slice is for you, my friends and run lovers: from updated favorites (Flyte and Flyout tops!) to new designs (O-Mazing Shorts, Flyout Bra - with a back pocket!), to what might be my favorite color palette ever, it’s the start line of a new season (and I got those trained-for-this, nervous-for-this race day vibes

July 12, 2018

Meet the Teams Taking on Northwest Passage!

Ragnar is right in our own backyard this weekend and the stoke is high! The Podium Project is heading up to the good ol’ Northwest with double the teams and double the fun. That’s right people, we have TWO speedy teams to follow throughout the race (not to mention about five other teams filled with Volée team members) Trust us, these teams are bringing the heat.

Meet the Bird Machine WA crew, and the #GRRLS team.