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March 23, 2018

Taming Of the Screw

ACT IVScene I. On a table at PT clinic. Collier sits on the edge of a treatment table sans cast, boot, and calf muscle (we’ll toss in a quad, shrinking by the second, for kicks). After months of swimming and spinning her legs on the bike, in a desperate attempt maintaining a shred of aerobic fitness and a valiant effort to get her sweat on every day, the elusive “Return to Run Plan” has been brought to the table, deliberated over, and green lighted. We’re off to the races...

March 22, 2018

A Letter to Thursday Night Flight Club

oiselle running hannah calvert

Everyone meet Brenda. if you follow any of our store shenanigans, at some point you’ve probably seen Brenda rocking some Spando shorts leaping into the air with a big smile on her face (talk about a Bright Bird). You’ve also most likely seen pictures of our Thursday Night Flight Club that meets at the store, and how that dedicated group keeps growing and growing!