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January 11, 2018

Devon Yanko: Hitting Her Marathon Prime!


After spending a few years focusing on the challenge and the process of taking on the 100 mile distance again, I have becoming invigorated by swinging back the other direction and seeing what I can do at the marathon. I feel like I have a lot of untapped potential left at the marathon distance and I am finally back at a place where I am excited by the process of trying to see what that potential is. I am curious about what I can do at the marathon distance and feel far enough away from my goal to really be engaged with the work it will take to get there. I tend to pick my goals based on the challenge and immensity of the process it will take to “put myself in the position” to do something.

January 10, 2018

Welcome to Oiselle, Allie Kieffer!


We are absolutely thrilled to welcome professional runner Allie Kieffer to the Oiselle family. Allie is a running veteran with a fresh hunger to compete. Allie has been a national class athlete since she graduated college in 2010 but after qualifying for and missing the Olympic Trials in 2012 with an injury, Allie made an attempt to “retire” from the sport. Back in New York with a full-time job, her body repaired; the love of running and the desire to connect with the running community drew Allie back in. She slowly began to regain fitness and recharge her heart and desire to compete.