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September 19, 2017

Two Tribes: Similar Missions

Kristin Metcalf

It has been almost a year since I stepped away from my position as team manager at Oiselle to coach again at the high school level. After a recent run with Sally, and a walk with Lesko, I found myself drawing many parallels in my mind to working with the two different communities of athletes: the highest level in our sport, and for a majority on my team; the beginning level of runner

September 18, 2017

The Flyway - Leaving My Comfort Zone

The packaged was on the floor when I got home. I gave it a wide berth and pretended to ignore it. The next day, the box still sat on the floor – I stood over it, picked it up, placed it at the end of my bed, and walked out. As I slept that night, I kicked it off the bed and found it sideways on the floor in morning. I righted it, grabbed some scissors, and prepared to cut the tape but heard Mr. Coffee emit its final gurgles and sighs from the kitchen. I dropped the scissors and grabbed my mug instead leaving the package to remain unopened. Later that day, I cut through the tape, peeled back the tissue paper, bent back the flaps, reached in and grabbed the items from their storage. I promptly dropped the goods on my bed with a huge sigh and prepared the box for recycling. Eventually, I stood – hands on hips, with a disapproving frown on my face – staring at the items. Three sports bras stared back at me.