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August 31, 2017


steph bruce

One warm and muggy morning down the mountain from Flagstaff, we drove to a familar loop that our team often works out on. I had one of the worst workouts I’ve experienced in probably the last 4 years of my career. By worst I mean, how I felt, how I failed the paces, and how I was so far off of what I expected to be able to accomplish on the day. I don’t think I’m not in shape because of that workout. I think I fought to train another day.

August 30, 2017

Women Crushing It Wednesday - Kelly Bjork

Kelly Bjork is a local Seattle artist. She launched a stationery goods studio, Pilgrim Paper Co. this past December with her partner and founder, Teresa Grasseschi and are currently in 9 Seattle locations, and 1 in Olympia! She has recently had illustrations published in the Washington Post, illustrated a cover for The Stranger, and 2 covers for Seattle WeeklyShe just wrote and illustrated her first comic, One Week, that was released this past June; co-published by Mount Analogue and Cold Cube Press in their annual publication Spicy Metal. Winner of the Winter Art Walk Awards + 2nd place in the Summer Art Walk Awards for a collaboration she did with her partner, Joe Rudko, for drawings they did of one another.  She has been working on her own personal paintings since last fall and has been showing regularly again (a thing she wasn't sure she'd find her way back to!) She currently has a piece up at Zinc Contemporary (the show is up through September 2nd)! Go check it out!