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March 27, 2017

Dear Weather, It's me... Kara

Kara Goucher

Dear March Weather, you mirror the ying and yang of my complicated mind. You can be warm, inviting, even confident. But that you can be cold, harsh, and create doubt in my head. You want to embrace the sunshine and the summer vibe, but then you flip and want me to remember the grueling winter efforts, the days that make me who I am at the core.

March 26, 2017

Dear Weather, It's me... Sophia

Just dropping a line to say nice try. You think you can beat me, but you underestimate me. You must be forgetting that I'm a New Yorker; I'm a runner; I'm a woman. I'm stronger than I look. So go ahead, throw your spastic temps at me. Fire your blizzards, your sleet, your sunshine, your slush. I'll take it all in stride. I'll climb your snowdrifts and dodge your puddles.