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December 07, 2016

Fierce Flyer - Natalie Fixler

Hello, my name is Natalie, and I am a binge eater. It took me many years to realize this about myself; that I had an eating disorder, and more importantly, that I had an unhealthy obsession with my weight.  I truly believed that if I was thin, I would be confident, happy and accepted by everyone. I didn’t recognize when I was younger that there was more to me as a person than my weight or my appearance. I realize this sounds shallow, but at the time, my utter lack of self confidence was the crippling factor in how I interacted with people. I don’t believe my lack of confidence came from binge eating, or that my binge eating was a result of my lack of confidence. It was more like a cycle. I ate because I was unhappy, I was unhappy because I was fat, I was fat because I ate because it made me feel better about being unhappy.