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December 29, 2016

Best Of 2016: We Superfanned

Heather Stephens

We’re only as strong as the company we keep. This idea became a strong theme for this past year as we took on real challenges and toed the line. We free ourselves to fly when we give ourselves permission to take off, to believe in ourselves, and stand behind our own pursuits as well as others. 2016 was a year of super fanning. As a team, we stepped up on the roads, the track, and the trails, because we stepped up on the sidelines. Because we raised our voices for our teammates and elevated them to bigger, bolder, and braver new heights.  Take a look through our game changing super fan moments of 2016...

December 28, 2016

Best Of 2016 - We Took A Stand

Get ready to fight (for love). Earlier this year, Outside Magazine commissioned a lengthy article on Oiselle. At eight pages, it went to new depths about our mission, our rise as a company, and the sport of track & field. But when I later saw the digital headline, "The Woman Who Took on Nike with a Pair of Running Shorts," I winced.