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October 23, 2016

Nerdy Birdie Is Back!

Nerdy Birdie was dreamed up and drawn by my daughter, Iris, at age 10. With a bespectacled golf ball-sized head, she embodies the gentle spirit of that to be a "nerd" simply means that you're really, really into something. You love it to distraction. Doesn't matter what. Whether it's running, cooking, or soap making - own it! Nerdy Birdie reminds you it's okay.

October 21, 2016

NYC Marathon - Q&A with Sarah Mac

Heather Stephens

There are no guarantees in our sport, no matter how hard you work there is nothing that you deserve, there is nothing that is given to you. There is however, always a chance at something big. Almost a year ago Sarah Mac accomplished her biggest, scariest, loftiest running goal of all time. I remember refreshing the screen on finishing times at the California International Marathon over and over again until finally it showed the result. 2:42:36. She did it. Sarah Mac made the Olympic Trials. It was a memory I personally will carry forever. A moment in time that goes down in my book of running inspiration.