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October 20, 2015

We Love NYC Lookbook

Sarah Mac

Sally and I pulled some of our favorite city inspired looks from Fall 2015 collection. And while these looks could be qualified as Recovery, we're suggesting a forth R for your life. Run, Race, Recover and Rumble. Rumble is the opposite of Netflix and chill, it's go out and follow your thrill. Your gallery opening, your late night show, meeting friends for happy hour. These looks are street style qualified and ready to rumble!

October 19, 2015

1st Edition of #8Lanes: Interview with Lauren Wallace

This is my own #startingline of sorts. The start of a new series, Eight Lanes (or #8Lanes) in which I will conduct in depth Q&A's of athletes and other people who interest me. The goal: to reveal stories, ideas, and current topics that dig deeper than the usual fare. To go beyond tips and tricks and smoothie recipes. If track is a metaphor for life, it's about more than lane one; life takes up all eight.