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August 10, 2015

Home Is Where Your Team Is


Natty Plunkett, a Seattle native, is a beloved member of Oiselle team. She is one of those gals who literally at that soul-crushing 2 mile point of a 5K, while she is racing all out herself, offers words of encouragement to her teammates: "Go get them, Lesko!"... She's crazy like that. Natty has the gentlest spirit and a kind, loyal heart. In HS she was coached by Mindy Leffler, one of our local inspirations, whose first son Aidan was diagnosed with DMD. Natty has for many years been organizing the Run for Aidan to raise funds for Aidan's muscular dystrophy care. We've enjoyed watching her thrive in Albuquerque: hear how she made her transition! We love you, Natty! 

August 10, 2015

Welcome Marisa Howard to the Haute Volée!

Kristin Metcalf

Throughout the spring one thing stood out to me while watching Marisa Howard race: guts and determination! The steeple chase in itself demands these qualities in its competitors but whenever Marisa steps to the line no matter what the distance she brings this determination. From childhood through college she has been setting records and pushing the envelope. We are especially excited to add her to our team not only because of her drive but because of the passion that she has for what Oiselle stands for! Here's how her story begins.