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July 31, 2015

Runners Try Rock Climbing

jacquelyn scofield

While our minds can get stuck in a routine, our body can as well. As runners we are forward motion focused and it takes a conscious effort to get out of that constant plane. That's why we decided to take our next series in "Runners Try" to the rock wall. Come along as we go upwards, sideways, slant-wards and back down to the mat while we attempt: rock climbing.

July 29, 2015

Story Behind the Style: Kula and Vela Shorts

The long and the short of it... our collection of seamless shorts is expanding. It started with the Flyte Short a couple years ago, a basic that became a favorite in part because of its simplicity. Just-right compression/spandex, combined with a wide waistband and beaded seam lines. For the booty short lovers - it was a go-to for any distance, with very little slippage or chafe.