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April 17, 2014

Q&A with Mary Johnson

I'm probably most excited about the prestige of the race and being part of such a special weekend, especially after last year’s tragedy. Very early on in my training, I was so focused on ME and my goals and my aspirations for a huge PR. As the weeks and workouts ticked by, I realized that the race isn’t about me this year. Sure—I’d totally love to hit my goal time and have the race of my life, and my training has been right on course for that, which is super exciting. But more importantly, I want to enjoy the race and enjoy the fact that I’m running my first Boston Marathon, which is something I never imagined myself doing.

April 17, 2014

Robin Kutner Heads to Boston - Q&A

I ran my second marathon three weeks after last year's Boston Marathon. My goal throughout training had been to qualify, just as a benchmark of a time that I would like to achieve. In the aftermath of last year's event, however, qualifying and being able to be present at the 2014 start line felt like it would have an even greater meaning beyond my own personal athletic accomplishments. Runners are a family, and together, we are unstoppable in the face of adversity.