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March 25, 2014

Baby Got Back - Yoga to Strengthen Your Back

erin taylor jasyoga oiselle running

We know you’re forward-oriented (and Fast!), runner chicks. But, don’t forget your back! As we explained last month, running can easily tighten your chest, causing your shoulders to flop forward and your arms to cross your body when you run — not ideal. Those stiff pecs also overstretch aka strain your upper back by forcing your shoulder blades and surrounding muscles outside their optimal alignment to accommodate floppy posture. Optimal upper body posture and running form are dependent on both the strength of your back body, and the space/flexibility of your front body.

March 22, 2014

Caitlin Comfort Talks About World Half Marathon Championships

After all of my years of running along the streets of Illinois, racing through the quiet woods of Wisconsin, and competing on different tracks around the country, I am convinced that I have experienced virtually every emotion across the "emotional spectrum."  I believe that my sport has allowed me to feel everything there is to feel-- happiness, frustration, pain, panic, denial, awe, gratitude, anger, disappointment, concern, relief, excitement, and more. But never, in one week's time, have I so strongly felt every single one of these emotions to a heightened degree.