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February 20, 2014

For The Love of Running

Falling into love is the best experience of your life; falling out of love is devastating, but if we can make it through and reflect, there is always something to be learned. Love is more than feelings and chocolate and candy and flowers and holding hands, although those things are really, really nice. It is a commitment. When I truly committed to running, I was just coming out of a really difficult season in my life. We had recently celebrated our first anniversary of marriage, a commitment that was going well, we were happy and so in love. Yet, in the same stroke, I had completely lost who I had been created to be.

February 19, 2014

Upper Body Stretches For Runners

erin taylor jasyoga oiselle running

As a runner, you might be quick to stretch your hips and hammies (hopefully!), but your upper bod needs some lovin’, too! When overlooked, stiffness in the chest and shoulders can mess up your form and steal your endurance — not to mention hurt your performance. The solution? Open up that chest! This three-pose sequence will effectively stretch your pecs and shoulders so that you can maintain stronger posture and upper body form when you run.