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February 28, 2014

A Lifetime of #Runmance

Running and I did not experience love-at-first-sight when we first met in 1995 at the track outside my high school. We started with 3 quick dates and then bid each other farewell for ten years. I was not an athlete. I was not a runner. And I wasn’t sure I could complete 4 laps around the track without dying. Mr. Schafer, our gym teacher, yelled GO! I ran with two other girls in my class, at a painfully slow pace, and while we were able to run the entire mile, it wasn’t within the time constraints. As we walked back to the school he told me “sometimes what is more important than meeting your goals Beth, is the fact that you were willing to try.” It wasn’t until I crossed my first finish line 10 years later that I understood exactly what he meant.

February 28, 2014

Who put the Mac in Mac Roga?

You know what? Designing shorts is crazy. Let’s just start with the body area in question. Here you have this torso trunk that bifurcates into to identical limbs, topped off with a pair of big fleshy muscles in the back – all which join and pivot and are essential to every major movement you make. All to say, creating a performance garment for your core is a tall order.