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January 15, 2013

South by Southwest - Kate Grace

Howdy Partners, and hello from Phoenix, AZ. I'm stationed here for the month of January: living with Julie Culley, focusing in on the upcoming season, and slurping up as much knowledge as I can from a slew of Olympians. It's a pretty ideal setup. And like many happenings this year, a completely new situation for me. To pass forward this great opportunity, I wanted to share a bit about what I'm doing here to start off the year (the calm before the storm).

January 13, 2013

Style It: Cute and Couch

Sarah Mac

The first sweatpants from Oiselle have arrived and in the office we got to thinking about how to style them. Because cozy should be able to leave the couch and venture into public. So we present cute or couch. Ideas to take your outfit from movie marathon to coffee with friends. So you decide where you'll where the outfits will take you.