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softshell mittens

softshell mittens

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Regular Price: $36

Special Price $26

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Take our beloved Polartec™ PowerStretch gloves and add a hardcore layer of wind and water resistance. These are the mits you need for harsh winters, windy weather, and long miles in a cold climate. Plus, lots of runners swear by the mitten (over the glove) for added warmth when fingers are together.

- 100% poly face
- 100% poly back
- wind and water resistant
- silicone design on palm for improved grip
- touchscreen thumb for tech compatibility

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4 reviews

little bit loose

runs large
  • Kansas City
  • 28
  • 5'8"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Love these mittens!

I love these comfy mittens! They are versatile and fit my lifestyle. Yesterday I ran in below freeing temps with them, and today I played fetch with my dog in the snow while wearing them. By themselves, I have not had a problem with the mittens getting too warm, as the tech material seems breathable even though it is water proof (haven't a clue how this is possible but Oiselle pulled it off!). On cold runs I layer these over some thinner gloves, which makes them *very* warm. If my hands get too hot, it's easy to stash these gloves in my jacket pocket because they don't take up much space. I also love that I can use my cell phone with the thumb, a feature that consistently works for me. The mittens can snap together to prevent one from getting lost.

If you're between sizes, I'd recommend sizing up for the glove-layering option.

  • Comfortable, waterproof, touchscreen thumb, small and stashable
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Oregon

Love me some mittens!

I had the Powerstretch Mittens but found that in temps below 30, my hands were still chilled. I bought these and they were perfect for runs between 0-30 degrees. I even wore them cross country skiing on a 10 degree day and my hands were warm, but not overheating.

They do a good job of maintaining the heat that your hands produce within the glove. I even got to a point during my 12 mile long run in 10 degree weather with snow where I had to take them off my hands had warmed up so much. Thanks for making another mitten option Oiselle!

  • warm but not bulky
true to size
  • Chicago, IL
  • 27

Warm up to a point

I wanted to love these, but after having run with them through temperatures ranging from 0° to 40°, I have discovered that these mittens can only do so much. Once the windchill is sub-30°, they no longer keep my hands warm, and I resort to balling my fists inside them, in a doomed attempt to keep them from turning white. If you're running in any temperature below freezing, you might want to find another mitten.

  • Sleek, fits well, touchscreen thumb works well
  • Doesn't keep my hands warm in freezing weather
true to size
  • Oklahoma City
  • 38
  • 5'7"

Love these mittens!

OMG! I love these mittens. I've always worn gloves when it's cold, but sometimes my fingers still freeze. Not with these! They are not wind-proof, but if the wind is calm and the temperatures are in the 20s or below, your hands and fingers WILL stay warm!

  • Super warm
  • Not wind-proof

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