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lux layer

lux layer

Regular Price: $74

Special Price $52

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Regular Price: $74

Special Price $52

Product Details

A Oiselle staple and the first of the Lux line, the Lux Layer is that slightly heavier wicking top or base layer. Luxurious, velvety fabric hugs you in soft warmth as the weave of the fabric lifts sweat away from your body. Perfect along on a 40 degree day, or a base when winter gets wicked. Better yet, the Lux Layer running top will keep its shape, softness and moisture-wicking powers through any workout - or wash cycle. 

- Plya™ Lux (92% poly, 8% spandex)
- contrast flatlock stitching
- scoop neck, thumbholes
- fitted but not tight
- 25" body length (size 4)

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Average Rating:
8 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Albuquerque
  • 52
  • 5'3"
  • more than 4 month(s)

versatile and comfortable

What makes this shirt fantastic is that it's versatile. I've worn it to work for casual meetings and then later that day out on a run.
It's cozy soft and warmer than a t-shirt but not heavy. I wouldn't wear it out on a cold day but when it's cool, this is the perfect weight.
It disappears when I run; I don't notice it at all, which is exactly what I want. It doesn't feel too tight or loose. I don't need to tug at it to be in the right place. It doesn't rub under my arms. It feels lovely and I look forward to wearing it!

  • light-weight, soft, clean lines
  • Burgen color is okay, not great
true to size


The lux shirts are almost to beautiful and soft to run in! But when I do I am never to hot or to cold. The lux sweatshirt made from the same material is great for recovering in and also traveling! Definitely recommend these tops!

true to size
  • Charlottesville
  • 39

One Minor Thing, but Overall LOVE

I want an entire bodysuit made of this! Okay, at least lux leggings to go along with my lux top! This top is so cozy and warm. The fit is flattering and I'm able to incorporate this top into wearing out as a casual layering piece, as well as loungewear and yoga top. Very high quality. My husband, who is also a runner, is jealous of my top and wishes that he could find a male equivalent of this top.

I have one minor gripe, and it's with the inner tags that are attached on the side. They started tickling and bothering me to the point where I snipped them as close to the seam as possible. The small remnants of the tags still bothered me, so I decided to take a seam ripper and remove what I thought was separate stitching holding the tags. Unfortunately, I ended up removing the actual stitching of the top which left a small hole on the side. Luckily for me, I took it to my local tailor who stitched it up in a jiffy for me at no charge. I think that the top is THAT comfortable that something as minor as the side tags ended up bothering me.

I think that this top would be perfect if the side tags were omitted, and instead featured some sort of tagless printing below the back collar (like it also already does).

  • The softness and versatility
  • The inner side tag
true to size

Feels Like Silk

I don't want to ever take this off and want to wear it for everyday and not just running. Amazing feel, like silk or cashmere, close to the body so it holds in the heat but wicks away the sweat. Very well made and fit is amazing. Thumb holes to keep your hands warm. I want these in every color.

true to size

I wish I didn't love this shirt so much!

This is the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn. With the price I wish I didn't love it as much as I do! Ready for new colors to come out so I can purchase another one!

true to size

Lux exceeds all expectations!

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the Lux at first. Not because the fabric isn't incredibly soft or that it doesn't fit like a dream - it is and it does - but because I doubted its moisture wicking capabilities. Turns out, I was so wrong. I'm honestly not sure what I love most - the way Lux fits, feels or the fact that it wicks like a champ. It stays so dry that I find I don't need or want to take it off even after a hard run. I will definitely be ordering a second (and maybe third)!

true to size

Luxurious, luscious Lux!

This longsleeve is a wardrobe ninja. It is so supersoft and snuggly that you might wonder how it could possibly be a technical running garment- but in fact, it keeps you warm and dry (and looking fly) in colder temps. The only danger with this shirt is it is so cozy that you might be tempted to skip your run and lounge around instead. Love the orange and the grey colors! Wish I could buy all 3!

true to size
  • more than 3 year(s)


I bought the blue color and became obsessed with the cut, the material everything so I ordered the grey and orange color too! The material is super soft and you will want all three to run in and sleep in!

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