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cat lady racerback bra

cat lady racerback bra

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C'mon ladies. Don't tell us you haven't dreamed of one: a form fitting fleecy bra to call your own, nestled deep beneath winter layers. Well that's what we were dreaming of up here in the nipply Northwest. We're taking this baby to road races, ski slopes, and outdoor dance parties. Double sided high pile fleece for your girls. BAM.

- 100% polyester (body)
- 9% poly / 91% spandex (side panels)
- high pile cat lady fleece
- elastic chest band
- machine wash cold / tumble dry low


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2 reviews

true to size

true to size

Cat Lady Bra

this bra is the perfect bra to put on after a cold or wet run. The moment I put it on I feel warm and cozy again. so soft and fleecy! It's become my favourite go to bra post workout. I haven't' run in it, but mostly because it doesn't really get cold enough where I live. The perfect winter running companion!

  • fleecy warmth
  • nothing
true to size
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • 32
  • 5'6"


I bought this because of FOMO, but am so pleasantly surprised by the softness and warmth I wish I would have bought 2! I find it to fit true to size (but I did move down a bra size starting Spring 2017 line). The white has what appear to be 'clean blue' side panels. I doubt I'll run in this, but it's perfect for keeping warm pre or post workout.

  • warmth and softness
  • nothing

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