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distance shorts

distance shorts

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Regular Price: $46

Special Price $34

Product Details

Distance running shorts are made for the long run. With two zip pockets and one internal key, you can take everything you need for high mileage days. Sleek silhouette will never give away how much loot you're packing.

- 100% poly woven shell + poly knit liner
- three pockets: 1 front zip, 1 rear zip, 1 internal key
- drawcord
- machine wash
- 3.25" inseam (all sizes)

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31 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Harrogate, TN
  • 23
  • 5'6

Versatile Shorts

The fact that there are not one but two pockets make these shorts one of my favorites. They are perfect to wear during long runs on summer days or just out and about. The shorts provide enough comfort for runs done on the track as well as on the trails.

  • The number of pockets
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Oak Island, NC
  • 34
  • 5'8"
  • more than 1 year(s)

My Holy Grail Shorts

These shorts are legit perfect. Perfect. There is nothing I don't love about them. I do extra laundry so they come around in the cycle faster. The fabric has just enough give, the fit is great, the pockets are amazing, and they make my legs and butt look like a million bucks. I feel like a gazelle in these shorts.

The only "down" was that I ordered oba blue and actually got something more like coast (I can't remember what the tag said), which is great because I like it so much more.

For the record, I'm 5'8", ~155#, with a 31"; waist and the 10 is perfect.

  • nothing
true to size
  • California
  • 35
  • 116

Must Have Shorts

I love these shorts for a few reasons. The length is perfect for me at 5'0 and the fit gives me plenty of room in the hip area, where I need a bit more. The material is perfect for running in warm conditions, but is so breathable. And finally, the pockets are fantastic! I can fit my phone in either pocket then I can put my keys and gel in the other. These are the best shorts to run in!

  • Having 2 zippered pockets
true to size
  • Idaho
  • 25
  • 5'9"

For smaller people

I bought these because Outside featured them and I've been looking for good running shorts for a long time. Unfortunately, these didn't work for me. It just took a few steps for them to ride up and give my thighs the opportunity to chafe. Too bad because the material was incredible. If you are a runner who has trouble with thighs rubbing together and chafing, I'd recommend the long rogas instead.
For a reference, I am 5'9", 160, and usually around a size 8.

  • Material
  • Very short, rode up
true to size
  • Florida
  • 35
  • 65"

Most Favorite Running Shorts

I absolutely LOVE these shorts! Living in the hot and super humid South, I appreciate the open and billowy design. The two roomy pockets have spoiled me against other shorts. I can go for my runs with my iPhone in the back pocket, plus gel and key, and in the front pocket, I can carry some mace (for just in case!), and still have room for other stuff. The inner lining is great and breathable. Overall, just perfect!

  • Breathability and two roomy pockets
  • Need more colors!
little bit loose
  • Arizona
  • 31
  • 5'10"
click for full-size image

Not for me

The great thing about oiselle is that if one of their garments doesn't work for you, they're bound to have another style that works better (Rogas for me!). The distance shorts are not for me. I'm 5'10", 170 and I was kind of silly to think these would work for me. My thighs swallow shorts! These we're no different. I got a size 10 and although these felt quite oversized, I still got the dreaded muffin top from these shorts. I wish oiselle would combine these leg openings with the roga material and waist band. And a 5" inseam. Can I get a custom order?? These will still get use on hikes and walks and daily life.

  • Color, leg opening, length in back.
  • Waist band, inseam length.
true to size
  • Washington DC
  • 23
  • 125 lb
  • more than 1 year(s)

Sweat central

These shorts are close to, but not quite perfect. The back pocket fits my iPhone 6 comfortably without it moving around, which was a very exciting surprise. The pockets are fantastic, the fit is great (same as my fit in the Rogas), and I haven't had any chafing issues.
HOWEVER, it must be the material of the liner or of the shorts themselves, but they collect sweat like it's their job. I wore these on a five mile run and had to literally wring out the inner thigh area afterwards, as it looked like I had wet myself. This has happened twice and never in another pair of shorts, including the rogas and other brands. The sweat doesn't dissipate from the fabric, it just collects and drops.

  • Fit, cut, pockets, feel, color options, drawstring
  • Material- dries slowly/collects sweat
little bit tight
  • 29
  • 5'7

very low rise

These shorts are beautiful and clearly well-made. Unfortunately I am a runner with wide hips and a substantial bottom so the rise of these shorts was too low- I felt uncomfortable in them. I'm 5'7, about 145 lbs and ordered an 8. They fit nicely other than the rise. I wish Oiselle would make some more substantial shorts for us girls who like to feel a little held in at the waist. Loved the leg openings of these- airy, a nice length, and a nice change from the Roga fit. I sent these back and am going to try the new Flyout shorts.

  • fabric, color, length
  • rise, coverage
true to size
  • Dayton, OH
  • 29
  • 5'8"

Favorite shorts

These are seriously one of my favorite pairs of running shorts. I am 5'8" 140lbs and I have pretty muscular, thicker legs with a thinner waist. Most running shorts are tight around the legs for me, but fall down at the waist. These shorts (size 8) fit me perfectly. I love the open leg and thicker waist band. I only wish they made a tool belt version of this short. The front pocket is too distracting for me to use on longer runs. Thank you oiselle for making running gear with the different body types of running women in mind!

  • Love the open leg, perfect for muscular legs
  • I wish they made a tool belt version
little bit loose
  • Harrisburg, PA


I am 38 years old and have never been able to wear shorts. Not just to run - no shorts at all. I am fit but collect every extra ounce in my inner thighs, which causes every pair of shorts to ride right up even when walking. These changed everything! I am 5'4" and 127 lbs with muscular legs and narrow hips. The 4 fits perfectly. They are flattering and so light I actually forgot about them while running - there is no way to overstate how amazing that is. Love the pockets. Love the wide leg openings. Love the cut that is high on the outside and covers on the inside. Love the nonslip liner. Love.

  • Everything
  • Nothing!
little bit loose
  • Port Jefferson, NY
  • 30



true to size
  • Greater Boston area
  • 16
  • 5'3

Great shorts!

These are my favorite distance running shorts. My coach ordered them in navy for our girls cross country team a couple of years ago and they are still in great shape, we all love them! They are great for long runs and racing as well. I also love all of the fun colors that are available. I am 5 foot 3 and 100 pounds and usually wear size 00. The extra small fit perfectly with a relaxed/loose fit. I really hope to get more soon.

  • Fit and colors
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Denver, CO
  • 34
  • 5'4"

These Shorts are my EVERYTHING

My love for the Distance Shorts knows no bounds. Seriously. they are truly my favorite running shorts. I love the flattering fit, the utility and practicality of the pockets and the fun colors and patterns.

  • Nothing
true to size
  • IA
  • 33
  • 5.3

Distance shorts go the distance!

Love these shorts so much! I love the room in the legs as I have fairly muscular thighs and I have a full range of motion in these shorts. I love that my iphone 5s in a Lifeproof case fits in the pocket at the back waist with little to no bounce. Plus the side pocket that held 6 gu packs for my recent marathon. Total lifesaver right there.

  • Pockets that actually hold stuff!

My new favorite

These are my new favorite shorts. They're soft and non-smelly and don't ride up. I'm 5'6", 145 pounds with a 30" waist and 39" hips and I got the medium. They are roomy, I could probably have gone with the small, but I like them so much I don't want to send them back and wait for another pair. Thanks again, Oiselle!

true to size
  • Salt Lake City
  • 20
  • 64


These shorts are the greatest thing ever invented! They are so cute and flattering. While training for my first marathon I've tried SO many shorts and these were the best! No contest!! Material is nice and light with plenty of room for my muscular legs! They stay in place and don't ride up or bunch like most other shorts! The pockets are so handy! Can't wait to use these for my marathon and to get more!

  • Fit, pockets, colors
true to size
  • Dallas
  • 39
  • 56

Best Shorts Ever

Love these shorts. I have not always had very good luck with shorts due to the fact on some size charts I have found that I am both a small and medium due to range. For example: I am a 27 inch waist which puts me at a small but sometimes a small does not give enough at the inseam. I have found that with these shorts all of the size flaws that I have had issues with have disappeared because of the way Oiselle is constructed. I never thought I would run with stuff in multiple pockets, I usually use the zipped pocket in the back of shorts and forget it. Now I can run and not worry about keys jiggling or not running out of GU during marathons and ultras.

  • Comfortable material
  • N/A
little bit loose
  • Tennessee
  • 66

In love!

I bought a pair of these around December, and I fell in love! I just couldn't find enough excuses to wear them even though it was well below freezing. I bought two new pairs after the sizing switch, and I'm still in love. The two pockets rock, the chevrons are the cutest, and the length is great! My only issue is that my new ones are a little bigger than the old pair.

  • They're a smidge too big.
true to size
  • San Diego
  • 25
click for full-size image

Perfect as usual

I have always been a distance shorts fan. I am 5'8 and 155lbs and wore the large in the original sizing (my two pairs are a little baggy). I ordered my favorite color in the new sizing and selected the size 6. The size 6 fits perfectly and is not as baggy as my older version of the shorts. The overall quality of the shorts is just as great as the original shorts, but I would even say it has improved. The liner of the shorts is a new material that seems to be more durable. The right side pocket has improved since they have a side of it sewn to the shorts so it doesn't move around like it does the original shorts.

  • Cute, practical, durable and very comfortable.
little bit loose
  • Los Angeles
  • 26

Comfortable but a little large

Love the multiple pockets but these are a little larger than the other shorts I own. I would maybe recommend ordering down a size if you want a little bit tighter fit. The color choices are awesome and I definitely will be ordering more pairs :)

  • Color, pockets
little bit loose

Long run heaven

Two shorts I love from Oiselle- the Rogas and the Distance shorts! Rogas I wear for shorter runs and Distance shorts for my long runs. Love the looser fit leg and love ALL THE POCKETS! I size down in these. I wear a 6 in Rogas and 4 in Distance shorts because they tend to run larger.

  • Pockets
true to size
  • Boston
  • 25


I ordered these shorts last week, so excited to be getting my first pair of Oiselle shorts. I tried them on and they felt very comfortable around the house so I went out for a run. I got back and discovered that the waist band had cut into my back, so much so that I still have a few cuts two days later. I would recommend wearing them around the house for awhile before running in them because now it seems like I won't be able to exchange them. Or skip these all together and order shorts with a smooth waist band!

  • Waist band
true to size
  • San Diego

Good staple to have

As far as running/gym shorts go, these are pretty good. They are a good staple short. They are much less "Puffy" than most out there. Where the Distance shorts shine, as you know I'm sure, is the plethora of large zippered pockets. Okay, it's two, but that's a lot for women's running shorts! However, if you want something more slim, streamline, and with an exceptionally comfortable waistband, I would go with the Roga shorts line. Compared to Roga shorts, I think Distance shorts are a bit warm and heavy. I'm 5'2" (107#) and the XS is good on me, but the Distance waistband is tighter than the Rogas' in the same size.

  • Zippered Pockets, Good Length and Colors
true to size

My summer staple

I absolutely love running in the distance shorts. They feel awesome and light - I forget I am wearing them. AND they look fantastic! I never like how I look in race photos - but my coach video taped me running while I was wearing these and I was super psyched with how great I looked! Immediately bought another pair. :)

5'2", 115... a little bottom heavy. Size 4 is magic.

true to size

love these shorts

My favorite shorts are your distance shorts with zippers. Wish they did not cost so much

little bit tight
  • more than 3 year(s)

Not for me running-wise, but I like them

I am bottom-heavy and got these in size 6 in the Ocean color, intending to use them in my next half marathon. I like these shorts and the useful run-friendly pockets, and the color is beautiful for spring and summer, but my body is such that I cannot run in them--my usual 4-miler had my thighs chafing at the end and when I woke up the next day. Also, I think I just prefer running in compression shorts, as these were so lightweight that I kind of felt like I was running with nothing on (YMMV). Although I likely will not wear them for their intended purpose, my hot climate means these are perfect bum around/beach shorts. Also, they look really good on and, judging by all of the people I noticed checking them out pre-run, are incredibly flattering on one's legs. I may buy another pair just because they are so comfortable, which is a rarity in the relationship between shorts and me.

runs small
  • more than 3 year(s)

Between sizes...

The size 2 fit but I needed more room for my thighs. The size 4 fit my thighs perfectly but the waist and the built in underwear is too big and is bothersome when I run.

Wish that the size 2 had more leg room...a 2 & 1/2 would be perfect!
I'm 4'11", 113 pounds, athletic build, bigger thighs (from decades of playing soccer).

  • more than 2 year(s)

For those wondering about sizing...

In the previous sizing (xs, s, m, l , xl), I wore a size small in the distance shorts. They are a little snug, but size medium had too much fabric and were less flattering, so I stuck with size small. I ordered the new distance shorts in size 6 last week, and no question I need to exchange for a size 4. If you wear a size small in the old sizing, even if they were on the too snug side, I suggest you go for a size 4. Also, the fabric seems a bit more lightweight and flowy (divine!) then the older versions. But could that have been a function of them being too big for me? Anyway, they are masterful shorts. Dazzling colors and amazing comfort and function. Can't stop shopping! 5'7", 126 pounds, 31 x 26 x 37.5.

true to size
  • more than 3 year(s)

Room For My Thighs!

These shorts are amazing! I am 5' 7''' 135 lbs and I am normally a size 4 or 6, but I have larger thighs and butt than most women runners. I got a size 6 and it's perfect. I've tried many brands of shorts, and this is the first pair that has given my thighs room to flex when I run. Most shorts are fine while just standing, but when I run they end up being embarrassingly tight and they ride up. Not a problem with these shorts. I cannot say enough good things about them. If you are thinking about it just buy them!

true to size

Love these shorts!

I recently received my new Distance Shorts in "ocean" and I absolutely love them! The material is super soft and light without being flimsy, and best of all it doesn't bunch or ride up while running. The legs are loose enough to allow total freedom of movement (while also being seriously comfortable), but long enough to keep everything covered. The pockets are also well placed and were clearly thought through by people who run themselves and know what they want in a good pair of shorts.

Absolutely love these shorts and will definitely be ordering them in more colors.

true to size


I can't say enough good things about these shorts. I just ran the 26.2 in them last weekend, and they were great. Enough room to keep a couple of gels in the side pocket, plus a back pocket as well. They are super comfortable and fit great. I am often between a 2 and a 4 in bottoms and went with a 2 with these and happy with my decision.

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