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brilliance bra

brilliance bra

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Product Details

Support from the bottom. The sides. The top. A great sports bra for bigger cups requires more than one angle on compression and support. Introducing the Brilliance, our most supportive bra to date, with wide, padding filled straps; higher front coverage; strong as hell mesh; and an adjustable chest band. C and D wear testers report feeling more supported - as well as on/off ease that doesn't require twists and contortions.

- Plya™ Compression (90% poly / 10% spandex)
- Plya™ Power Mesh lining (96% micropoly / 4% spandex)
- adjustable chest strap
- removable cups
- padded shoulder straps
- compression with lining
- compression level 3

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Average Rating:
5 reviews

true to size

  • Seattle, WA
  • 23
  • 5’6”

Busty Runners Can Now Celebrate!

This is my all-time favorite running bra. As a 32FF, it’s extremely hard to find a bra that provides adequate support (let alone is actually cute). The Brilliance Bra keeps the girls comfortably in check and I absolutely love it for long runs or high-intensity workouts. One word of advice-I’m typically an 8 in Oiselle bras but for this one I sized down to a 6.

  • Fantastic compression, super cute
  • Scratchy around the adjustable part in back
true to size
  • New Jersey

Not supportive enough for D-cup runner

This is a comfortable attractive bra. I like that it's compressive and can be pulled on over head (no crazy contortions needed to get in and out of the bra). I wear it for yoga and bike rides, but sadly can't wear it as a running bra. I'm a 32D and this bra doesn't give nearly enough support for running. Please, please, please Oiselle, create a comfortable, compressive, pull-on-overhead running bra for us large-chested gals!

  • style, colors, fabric, design
  • lack of support for d-cup runner
true to size
  • Ithaca
  • 48
  • 5'11"


I wore this on a 100k Trail Marathon with a lot of elevation gain and loss. I am a 34 d and there was no uncomfortable jiggling. When you run for 19 and 1/2 hours, even small amounts of jiggle become painful. I am older and breast fed two kids so need a lot of support. I didn't have to pull down or adjust at all during the race. There is some areas that could possibly chafe around the seams between fabric and mesh inset on back. I hit it with a layer of body glide and had zero chafe.

  • Real true actual support
  • Seams between fabric and mesh insets have some scratch.
little bit tight

Great fitting bra

I really like this bra! I find most of the Oiselle bras I've tried in the past are too short, but this one has really great coverage, and I don't feel like I have to pull the chest strap down all the time. The product details above mention this bra being for a C/D cup, but I am a B cup and think it fits great and provides plenty of support. I also really like the adjustable chest strap (I thought it would be weird but it's actually a great feature), and the mesh helps keep you cool. I also find that most bras with cup inserts get too warm, but this one actually breathed really well. My only issue was there is something pokey in the stitching where the straps connect in the front - I couldn't find anything and just put some moleskin over it, but I may have to pull some threads out in the future.

  • Color, design, support, adjustable chest strap
  • Some itchy stitching
little bit loose
  • Arlington, VA
  • 36
  • 5'7"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Unsupportive and irritating.

Lately, just before that time of the month, I've found myself wanting a little more compression than I get from my regular running bras. (I'm maybe a 34B-plus on normal days, but the week before my period, I'm more a 34C-minus). I thought this would be perfect, and luckily, it arrived at just the right time.

Unfortunately, this actually felt a little bit looser than some of my other Oiselle bras (I'm a true size 6), and cinching in the bottom didn't make a difference. Some of the extra coverage made it LOOK less bouncy, but hiding bounce does not a supportive bra make. Also, I noticed the itchy seam thing the first commenter mentioned - they're right where three seams come together on each side and they stick out a little. Those spots itch like mad. If it weren't for that, I'd send this back and try a different size.

Unsupportive and irritating is reason enough to kick annoying people out of my life; I won't settle for any less in a bra. Back it goes.

  • Easy to get off, attractive design
  • Lots of coverage but not much support. And ITCHY.

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