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runner trucker

runner trucker

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We like to ask the big questions, like, can we make a cool looking trucker hat that's also high performance? You know this team won't be denied! With softer mesh, a foldable bill, and a simple barrel closure, it all came together. Yes and yes. The Runner Trucker brings your favorite lifestyle hat to a level of runability that not only goes the distance, but shares the spaces and places that we love to run.

- soft front sublimated front panet
- brim folds in half for easy carrying and storage
- mesh sweatband wicks moisture
- soft mesh on crown breathes freely
- unique lightweight bungee + toggle adjustment for perfect fit
- one size fits most
- hand wash / line dry

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Average Rating:
13 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Richmond, CA
  • 34
  • 5'6"

Best Hat, Hands and Heads Down

This hat is amazingly comfortable and light! I usually have a hard time finding comfortable hats, as they often feel heavy and very present while running or exercising. I barely notice this hat is on, and it wicks away sweat like a dream as well. I have the Eastern Sierras version, and want all of them!

  • Comfortable, light, sweat-wicking
  • I didn't get it sooner!
true to size
  • Wisconsin
  • 44

Great hat

Love the new closure style, so easy to get the sizing right. It would be great to have this on all hats. Also the mesh is super airy.

  • elastic closure
true to size
  • NC
  • 34

Why didn't I get one sooner?!?

I recently purchased this hat and now I don't know why I waited so long!! The fit is fantastic. I love the mesh back and how flexible it is. It's not at all stiff or hot like some trucker hats (even the running specific ones). I wasn't sure that the collapsible hat would bounce back to its original shape...but it does! I'm hoping for more colors/prints of this hat in the future. I would definitely buy another one...or two...

  • Fit, function, everything really
  • Want more colors/prints/patterns
true to size
  • Seattle, WA
  • 33
  • 5'6"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Love It!!

Love the functional drawstring back and the awesome print (Vashon Island). Also love how easy it is to pack and travel with this hat as someone who is frequently on the go! Way to go, Oiselle!

  • Function, fit, breathability
true to size
  • Bakersfield
  • 40


I love the Eastern Sierras, my family and I backpack there and those mountains are truly magical. Of course, I had to have this hat! The fit and the beautiful image make this hat my new favorite!

  • Fit, color
  • Nothing
little bit tight

Best Trucker EVER

This is the first trucker hat I have found that is actually functional for running! I love the elastic adjustment and how comfortably flexible the material is. The images are also lovely. I hope you continue to keep this item in the line up.

true to size

Great hat!

Love this hat! Great fit. I read the review about it fitting larger heads, but I have a small head and it fits great! The hat fits flat against my head and there isn't extra room on top. Can you make the "American Runner" hat in this same style!!??! Please!!!!!

  • The fit!!
  • Only that I can't get it in the American Runner hat.
true to size
  • vancouver
  • 44
  • 5'2"

game changer for your head

I live in vancouver, and do ALL my running in a cap to keep the rain off my glasses. I have a big forehead too, so most 'running caps' ride up and drive me nuts. For 2yrs i have been using an ugly promo hat i got free at a race expo (thats too hot and decaying from sweat and giving me forehead zits) because its the only thing that fit. Not anymore!
This hat is superlight- the crown is mesh so if you are wearing it cuz its hot and you pour water on your head during a run, it will actually reach your scalp! It has a proper sweatband that does its job! The fastener is a quick easy elastic toggle! It looks friggin' gorgeous! I know its just a hat, but dang, my head is changed!

  • it is the perfect running hat for big heads, or regular heads that like trucker hats.
true to size
  • Jupiter, FL
  • 39
  • 5'5"
  • more than 1 year(s)
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I, like another reviewer, have been through a TON of "running hats". I wore this hat all weekend on vacation in HOT weather and it was everything I could ever want in a hat. Not only did it fold up so nicely and securely in my suitcase, but it was a dream to wear. I am one that gets headaches when wearing certain hats. NO headaches with this hat. In fact, I forgot I had it on! Amazing fit, amazing looking! PLEASE, PLEASE make more of these in different colors and/or prints!!! Thank you for my new favorite hat!

  • NOTHING!!!!
true to size
  • Chicago
  • 42
  • 5'4"

This hat is JUST RIGHT

I've been through my share of hats: run, trucker, baseball.
Run specific low profile hats are great on the run don't translate well to casual wear. Trucker hats look cool, but they're a bit deep for me and even the "run" specific truckers don't generally perform well on the run for me. Baseball caps have a great shape but rarely work on the run. This hat brilliantly captures everything I love about each hat type and flawlessly melds it into one super-hat. It's lightweight and sweat wicking for a run, stylish like a trucker and has a great easy shape like a baseball cap. The adjustable band provides a perfect and secure fit. The fact that this hat has a beautiful picture screened onto it and that it is collapsible for easy packing on a hike or run seemed like selling points, but in the end, they're gravy on an already superior hat. This hat is an engineering marvel.

  • Everything.
  • That despite it's hardy construction, I'll probably still outlive it. And it will be devastating to see it go. That it's not office appropriate.
true to size
  • Bellevue, WA
  • 32

Best gift ever.

If and when I go to the gym- I am an avid hat-wearer. However, frequently my hat either can handle the puddle of sweat I become 20 minutes in, or it just doesn't fit right and I spend too much time adjusting. Not this one. It's flexible, comfortable and can handle the heat. LOVE IT!

  • durability, comfort and style
true to size
  • Oregon
  • 26

Great Hat, so Durable!

I love this hat! The beautiful design (I have the Vashon Island one) is breathtaking and paired with the mesh back, it is very breathable and lightweight. I also appreciate how durable the hat is. I tend to throw hats into by backpack and forget about them and find them a few days later with the bill flattened. This hat's design allows for it to bounce back after being tossed in a backpack or accidentally sat on, which is a huge plus!

  • durability and the beautiful design
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 27
  • more than 1 month(s)


I love this hat SO much. It's super lightweight, so comfortable, flexible, and has great construction. It even looks cool worn backwards. My favorite aspect of this hat though was it's ability to blind me from upcoming hills--when one comes up, I lower the bill so I can't see the rest of it, and then grind without intimidation. I love it.

Please make them in a million different colors. Maybe a solid? Please.

  • Lightweight, folds, flexible, comfortable, looks cool backwards, makes hills disappear
  • Wish it came in more colors

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