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Regular Price: $160.00

Special Price: $105.00

When we set out to design perfect wind and rain resistant jacket we used all the items on our dream jacket list. We dreamed of an invisible shield, nothing stiff, nothing loud and swishy, just ultimate weather protection you barely notice. That also looks fabulous, of course.

Presenting the dream as reality: the Flyer Jacket, designed with a unique blend of stretch woven nylon to bend and stretch while protecting your run from the elements. It keeps you warm to the core but is also so lightweight and breathable you have to feel it to believe it. Ahh perfection.

- ultra-lightweight, 100% stretch-woven nylon
- wind and water resistant
- reflective graphic at front and back for safety
- reflective front and pocket zippers
- namesake: lauren fleshman flyer
- custom trims, elasticized cuffs


Regular Price: $160.00

Special Price: $105.00


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