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Triathlete Magazine

April, 2014

The 2014 Triathlete Buyer's Guide votes Oiselle as their best "run kit."


Triathlete Buyer's Guide for 2014 paired women-specific gear for each leg of the tri. In showcasing this year's best run kit for comfort, performance and design, our lux layer top and stride short topped the list. Added bonus, our latest in lux is now available on lux side zip. Flip to page 90 in your issue to see the duds. 

Outside Magazine

March, 2014

"Why the Boutique Brands are Winning."



For the best account of "why" Kara Goucher chose to leave Nike and join the birds, Outside Magazine is your go-to. According to the article, Goucher felt connected with CEO Sally Bergesen and loved that she "sees family as an asset." Goucher was looking to try something new..."I believe in the company and believe in what they are doing." In fact the first order of business in the newly formed partnership came in Goucher's request for down jackets. "It's coming," replied Bergesen. Read on in Outside Magazine.

Women's Running Magazine

March, 2014

Kara Goucher officially lands with Oiselle.



Professional distance runner and two-time Olympian Kara Goucher partners with Oiselle, selecting the company she believes was "closest with her own core values." According to Women's Running, Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen explains that signing Goucher has added more strength to the team making the future feel wide open. 

Running Times

March, 2014

Kara Goucher explains her split from Nike after a 12-year sponsorship.


According to Running Times, Kara Goucher was looking for something more when considering new sponsorship oportunities. "Before Oiselle, nobody ever asked what I stood for," Goucher explains as she expresses her excitment to officially partner with Oiselle and the opportunity to "be authentic" in sharing her story.