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March 14, 2017

#PressPause - Mind the Moment

Heather Stephens

Back in October, I was in a weird place of feeling single, feeling like I was getting old, and feeling slightly directionless. So, I got on Skype with my two of my best friends from college. We spent four years running, training, and racing together at Syracuse. It had been a while since we talked, but once we got on the phone, we didn’t skip a beat.  After catching up for a while. We started talking big ideas about travel and seeing the world and things like that. The idea took off. We hadn't spent more than two days all together in over five years, so we decided a girls trip was needed.

March 13, 2017

The Flyway - Tread Outside Of Comfort

"When I graduated from college I didn’t think I would be sitting here writing the words I am about to write. Graduating from college with a Civil Engineering degree, a job lined up, and no semblance of a running career, I figured this was it. Time for the real world. Problem being, something was missing..."