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November 29, 2017

CIM Marathon Course Preview with Steph Bruce

steph bruce

With CIM quickly approaching it's not hard to believe that if you are racing you have spent at least 2/3rds of the past week thinking of race day. The endless scenarios play through your head, the questions of "Am I prepared? Was it enough?" still looming overhead. Just remember, you can only control the controllable. So, to help ease all those pre-marathon hypotheticals going through your mind, take a deep breath, and read about the course straight from a CIM expert - Steph Bruce.

You may not be able to know exactly how you will feel come race day, but you will be able to know the course, because I am 99.9% sure they won't be changing that last minute... Correction, 99.999999% sure.

November 28, 2017

How a 2:42 and 2:38 Marathoner Trained for CIM

Oiselle is thrilled to be traveling en masse to Sacramento this weekend for CIM shenanigans! We'll be at the Expo (come check us out at booth #309-311), cowbell-ing at mile 23.5, and hosting a post-race party. And along with a flock of Volée racing, our Haute Volée speedsters Lyndy Davis and Andie Cozzarelli are chasing big goals. Lyndy qualified for US Olympic Trials at CIM in 2015 (2:42:34), and is coming off of her best training block ever and looking to break the 2:40 barrier. Andie has a marathon PR of 2:38:49. She is looking to crack 2:37, and (special advantage) her coach Steph Bruce will be in the lead car commentating! Take at look at their training sessions leading up to CIM, and get ready to cheer on all of the US Marathon Champs's going to be a hot race!