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February 06, 2017

What is (run) love?

Heather Stephens

It’s complicated. My affair with running started when I was in sixth grade. As with any early life dating experience, it was awkward. Gangly limbs, suited up in Soffe Shorts and an oversized cotton tee, I took on the middle school mile in my Addidas All Stars. And I ran away from the one boy who was brave enough to compete with me. I crossed the line in 6:17, one second ahead of him. My first, little win and I was mildly intrigued.

February 06, 2017

Bird Strike vs. The Speed Project 3.0

On Friday March 10th, 2017 - 6 birds will together run a total of 340 miles across the desert. The race, known as The Speed Project, asks teams to complete the distance in a relay format from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. There are no rules to how the distance is covered, or how each team navigates the mostly unmarked course and challenging landscape. It is rumored that this course is as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical one. And this year will be the first year an all-female team toes the line.