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October 09, 2017

A Week Training With Steph Bruce

It's pretty cool having one of your running role models be your coach. I mean what could be better than having a kick-ass marathoner coaching YOU in the marathon? But as I boarded the plane to make the trek to flagstaff to see Steph Bruce, I got a little nervous. Not because I was intimidated but because I'm weirdly awkward around people I look up to. The kind of awkward where you stutter and make up words. Its one thing when we talk on the phone or through text every so often; I only have to keep my cool for like 5 minutes and I'm good. I realized in the moments before boarding that first plane from RDU, I was going to have to keep my cool for a full week.

October 08, 2017

Collier's Post Surgery Update

The original badass Collier Lawrence, of #birdstrike and #steeplingLawrencesisters fame, found out in August that she had a full fracture through her navicular. With classic good humor and grace, Collier explains where she's at now and what the future could hold. Who knew an injury exposition could include so many Game of Thrones references! We salute you, Collier! [Standing and chanting, "Queen of the Desert"]