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September 08, 2017

Best Of Kara Blog Roundup

oiselle running hannah calvert

Let's just say the hype around The Kara Collection refuses to quit, and It's not hard to guess why. Kara is pretty epic so naturally her clothes are eipic too (pieces from that collection were a day of launch purchase for many of us here at the Nest). While Kara was in Seattle shooting the collection I went on a training run with her and on the inside my 22 year old, post-collegiate self, was losing my mind. Here I was on a casual run talking about life, and racing, and the experiences inbetween, but... with Kara Goucher. It's not everyday you get a glimpse into the mind, and life of an elite athlete, which is exactly why I wanted to share the following pieces.

September 07, 2017

New Randies - For Randy Runners!

It all started with Rundies: day of the week underwear for runners. Let's be honest, those put us on the map (and what woman doesn't want to show her run love with "fartlek" underwear?!) But being the high performance divas we are, we wanted to create underwear for athletes, made from materials we know can handle sweat - with style. Enter our first season of Randies a few years back. Technical seamless underwear with sassy phrases. But after a few years, we wanted to freshen up, so to speak, so we did what we often do - ask our teammates for suggestions! And suggest they did.