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May 14, 2018

Ode to Legs: A Poem By Lauren Fleshman

The baby's rolls and dimples smile
Upon her juicy thighs.
Will she know their power
As the culture tells her lies?
Will she pinch them in the mirror
And wish a different size?
The strength of their squeeze,
The knobs of the knees,
The kicking them any which way that they please.
She's got legs.
She knows how to use them.

May 13, 2018

Running, Self-Care, and Guilt Free Momming

We were born to run. We grow up free and barefoot and wild, with tangled hair and scraped knees - never asking for permission to move our bodies.As we get older, what happens?

We start to get a different message. Namely, that in the school of life, exercise is an elective. The side gig. The take it or leave it… as in, maybe you’ll grow up and prefer art history instead. When women become moms (IF they become moms; because being a mom does not make you a more complete human or ensure a happier or more fulfilled life), the message changes again. It’s as if the world pats us on the head and says “oh hey there little lady…looks like your body just took a MAJOR detour...time to slow it down.”